Sex – Into the 2014, a heightened proportion of men was basically every single day otherwise occasional cigarette smokers than simply females: 21

Sex – Into the 2014, a heightened proportion of men was basically every single day otherwise occasional cigarette smokers than simply females: 21

Note: A study of most other biggest chronic diseases eg musculoskeletal standards and you will neurodegenerative criteria and additionally developmental disorders try beyond your extent associated with statement. When you are these types of requirements contribute somewhat in order to population morbidity and you may death, these include explored in other accounts. More resources for such requirements, please look for:

Tech notice: Rough prevalence and frequency cost usually are stated but when you compare style over time and rates among the many provinces and you may territories in which age-standardized costs can be used. Age-standardization takes into account the differences when you look at the people many years construction (elizabeth.grams. this new shipments of your society by age range). For this reason, brand new harsh and you may years-standardized prices might differ a little. The 2011 Canadian important populace was used getting years standardization during the that it declaration. When you are many years-standardized prices allow for evaluations, he’s phony pricing based on a fixed people.


More than one into the half dozen (17.9%, or higher 5 billion) Canadians aged a dozen and over report puffing on the a regular or periodic base (2014, CCHS).

Tobacco smoking resembles most persistent problems and you will standards, plus CRDs, CVDs and lots of types of cancer. It’s been of the negative has an effect on to the almost every organ of your human anatomy and a decrease in health and wellness. While you are Canada enjoys viewed a sizeable decrease in smoking rates when you look at the the previous few years, smoking remains a number one chance grounds to own preventable dying. Footnote 5 , Footnote 6 .

Trend – Because 2001, there’ve been a significant decrease in the age-standardized speed (ASR) away from daily otherwise periodic cigarette smokers, out-of twenty-five.1% ASR inside the 2001 so you can 17.8% ASR inside the 2014, symbolizing a 2.1% yearly drop-off.

This new ratio regarding every day or periodic cigarette smokers keeps refused in every age groups, however, enjoys refuted one particular in the more youthful a long time (12-19 and 20-34).

Smoking inside 2014 by

1% against. fourteen.8% (statistically factor).Ages – seven.8% of youngsters (12-19 yrs old) said each and every day or unexpected smoking. Cost were high one of young people old 20-34 ages (24.3%). Certainly people aged 35-64 age puffing pricing try steady at around 20%. The newest proportion out-of the elderly who report each day otherwise periodic smoking is significantly down: ten.5% among those aged 65-79 and you can cuatro.6% among those old 80 age and earlier.Geography – Uk Columbia comes with the reasonable age-standardized speed (14.4%) ASR , since ratio regarding everyday otherwise periodic cigarette smokers from inside the Newfoundland and you will Labrador, Prince Edward Isle, Nova Scotia, The latest Brunswick, Yukon, the newest Northwest Regions and you will Nunavut was in fact every at the very least 20% higher than the new national average. The difference was very pronounced from the Northwest Regions and Nunavut, with the ratio regarding daily or occasional cigarette smokers almost twice from inside the the Northwest Regions and more than 3 times that of brand new Canadian mediocre into the Nunavut.

  • 17.9% (2014)
  • Over 5 billion Canadians aged several+
  • Trend (2001-2014) Coming down – dos.1% Annual Changes
  • Woman so you can people ratio: : 1
  • 1/cuatro from adults old 20-34 cig

Physical inactivity

More than three-quarters (77.8%, otherwise million) out-of Canadian adults 18 as well as and you can 90.7% out-of children and you will youth aged 5-17 decades aren’t meeting new Canadian Physical working out Guidelines (2012-13, CHMS).

Real inactivity might have been defined as a significant social health question getting Canadians of every age group. This has been acknowledged by the latest Who since fourth top risk basis to own all over the world death and you can about numerous persistent infection, together with CVDs, disease and all forms of diabetes. Footnote 7 .

We recommend that college students and you may teens participate in moderate-to-energetic physical exercise for at least one hour each day. To own people, the recommendation is for 150 moments away from moderate-to-energetic physical working out per week, in bouts out of ten full minutes or even more. Footnote 8 .


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