How to Collaborate Effectively If Your Team Is Remote

Consider your budget and look for something that’s affordable for your enterprise. If you’re a large organization with a sizeable IT budget, you can go with a more expensive platform that’ll give you access to sophisticated features that you may not even need much. In contrast, if you’re a small business, it’s wise to choose a plan that gives you just the basic collaboration features at a reasonable price. It provides a virtual whiteboard where multiple collaborators can share their design ideas and thoughts to come up with solutions. This whiteboard allows real-time interaction so that teams within an organization can brainstorm about work-related activities. Miro is one of those online tools that aims to bridge the gap between traditional office working and the modern hybrid routine that many of us are familiar with.

As a bonus, it’s great for troubleshooting your parents’ email problems from the comfort of your couch. A meeting-agenda app designed to promote accountability and efficiency, SoapBox is used by team members to plan ahead, stay productive during meetings, record minutes and follow through with next steps. It uses conversational analytics to offer insights into your meetings, and to suggest questions and conversation prompts. SoapBox also integrates with platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Asana. It allows people to jump into video meetings from anywhere in the world. Calendars can be accessed and shared by whoever has permission, making it easier to schedule group conferences without double booking by accident.

Why Team Collaboration Matters?

Evernote also allows users to transform written notes into digital format and store them in the relevant project notebook—perfect if your team prefers to jot down their notes on the fly. The Workplace Essentials Plan also records video meetings and uploads them to Google Drive—so you never have to worry about losing the content of an important meeting. There are also some formatting and layout rendering issues that may cause your content to appear incorrectly on mobile devices or when using the mobile app. While other tools allow you to seamlessly design views for both web and mobile, you may need to make adjustments in Notion when creating content for mobile consumption.

Your remote team members may want to consider their internet speeds and bandwidth. You need stable internet to enable your conference calling software. Here are six tools that will improve your remote content team collaboration.

How to Use Hubstaff Features to Prevent Employee Burnout

Internet problems, hardware issues, and software bugs can cause things can fall apart pretty quickly and Angus from IT and the Apple Store usually aren’t nearby. Establishing a clear “North Star” metric is a great way to prevent this and one measurement that’s most predictive of a company’s long-term success. By making your North Star as clear as possible, remote teams and individuals can develop their own KPIs and goals and collectively work towards a shared goal. Remote collaboration refers to the process by which team members can work together effectively across time zones.

remote collaboration

Wimi offers users their own ‘unified workspaces’ where teams can manage projects and share files and calendars. You can control access in each workspace with a rights-based system. Wimi Drive, their file syncing software, helps you make the most out of cloud technology. One of the most well-known project management tools, Asana allows users to assign tasks to other members, add followers to projects and monitor deadlines. It’s very useful as a to-do list or calendar for strategic planning. Slack is one of the note-worthy remote team collaboration tools both for synchronous and asynchronous communication.


Happeo is a social intranet and remote work tool that combines collaboration, social networking, and communication in an all-in-one tool. It integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace and all the apps that your organization already uses. By combining your existing apps with your core Google collaboration tools, Happeo improves employee experience while stimulating productivity. Documents stored on Google Drive can be easily attached to channel posts, which can be shared directly in Slack for everyone to be notified.

Everyone on your team is trying to be effective, together—even if we’re all practicing social distancing to varying degrees. Follow the four tips above to learn how to collaborate effectively if your team is remote so you can connect more frequently (even if it’s different than you would in an office). With your colleagues, share what’s been working with you and ask if they have any new tips. Now, you no longer need to work in the same physical space as your team members. With remote collaboration, you can be anywhere and still work as a team.


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