What is Flippening?

It is a decentralized cryptocurrency that has smart contract functionality. It is considered to have the second-largest market capitalization as Bitcoin ranks first. Ethereum can be used to receive as well as send value on a global level without the interference of a third-party. Both of them are cryptocurrencies and they both use blockchain technology.

The protocol facilitates automated transactions between cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum blockchain through the use of smart contracts. Truth be told, it took some time to figure out what people mean by referring to the flippening. Consumers, investors, traders, and speculators have shown an appreciation for bitcoin these past few years, despite the cryptocurrency being far from perfect. Any other currency, or altcoin if you prefer that term, seemingly derives its value from being paired to bitcoin’s price.

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Market cap is a simple metric, but a lot of factors will need to come together to make the flippening happen. The price and number of Bitcoin and Ethereum in circulation will ultimately dictate market cap, but supply and demand is the real driver of a blockchain network’s total value. Finally in 2013 we see the birth of a new coin – Ethereum (ETH) – which added smart contracts to the new blockchain technology. Blockchain Center, a platform that tracks all these signals, projects that Ethereum has achieved 60.1 percent on its Bitcoin flippening journey.

  1. Either way, the flippening is much more interesting as a funny phrase than it is as a real world event.
  2. What we saw in the 2021 bull run was a bit more organized with all boats largely rising together.
  3. The Flippening refers to a theoretical event in which Bitcoin loses its dominance over the cryptocurrency market.
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  5. In the crypto circles, flippening is colloquially used to mean one cryptocurrency overtaking the other in, among other things, market capitalization.

This would mean that ETH becomes the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, overtaking BTC. Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, behind Bitcoin. The “Flippening” was coined in 2017 to describe the possibility that Ethereum’s overall market value could someday outweigh Bitcoin’s. Much like Bitcoin, The Ethereum blockchain is also an open-source distributed ledger for validating and recording transactions. Ethereum has its own digital currency knows as Ether or ETH that facilitates transactions on the network. A minority think that the flippening could have a significant impact.

Coin-margined trading is a form of trading where cryptocurrencies or any other form of digital asset serves… “Will level ones collectively be larger than bitcoin? Maybe, probably,” said Novogratz during a keynote at the Token2049 conference in London. “But what we don’t know yet is ethereum versus solana, ethereum versus luna, ethereum versus polkadot, how the level one battle is going to turn out.” According to a source for People, the “intimate setting” of the show became too much for the two, who are both in separate relationships now. “Tarek and Christina are generally cordial,” said the People source.


Because of blockchain technology, the name and identity of the founder still remains a mystery. Essentially, Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that is balanced on a public ledger. The transaction fees charged are very low and it is operated by a decentralized authority unlike other currencies that are issued by the government.

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All information on this website is informative and not a recommendation to buy or sell anything. Consult an expert when making financial decisions and only invest money you can afford. Ether and Ethereum are expected to be the next stage of blockchain implementation. There are some fundamental items that you have to understand that even the market has to assess for the flippening to happen. These new Bitcoins have a fixed rate but are periodically decreasing in value.

“The flippening, while it’s an interesting conversation point to me, doesn’t really matter, because I wouldn’t invest in ethereum simply because it might go up more than bitcoin in the short term,” Alfred said. Despite a more than six-year head start for Bitcoin, Ethereum quickly skyrocketed into the No. 2 position in terms of largest cryptos on the market. As of mid-2022, Bitcoin (about $575 billion) was more than double the size of Ethereum (almost $220 billion). In turn, Ethereum was roughly triple the size of the third-largest crypto by market cap (as of this writing, Tether (USDT -0.03%), at just over $70 billion). The first type is where real estate investors target properties that are in a rapidly appreciating market and resell with little or no additional investment in the physical property.

When Is The Flippening Going to Happen?

While I think there are some who may view this as proof of Bitcoin’s future dominance remaining, Ethereum’s market cap has actually held up fairly well despite the difficult comps from the 2017 bull run. The previous bull was a little different than this last one because BTC and ETH seemingly took turns rallying against each other. We see ETH’s MC to BTC MC percent hit 83% in June 2017 before collapsing to 14% in December 2017. After Bitcoin’s bubble pop in December, Ethereum’s market cap to Bitcoin’s market cap again rallied above 64% into February 2018. What we saw in the 2021 bull run was a bit more organized with all boats largely rising together. BitDegree Learning Hub aims to uncover, simplify & share Web3 & cryptocurrency education with the masses.

This completely removes the need for a third-party to guarantee trust. This website tracks and compares the two cryptocurrencies across 9 indicators. Both use cases are attractive, and the market will decide if digital oil or digital gold best renewable energy stocks will be more in demand. “I view the two as distinct, and whether they ‘battle’ for the top spot on CoinMarketCap is more noise than signal,” Thorn said. Tokens based on a blockchain, NFTs are used to guarantee ownership of an asset.

A crucial aspect that has to be considered about cryptocurrencies is whether they can be used in transactions or not. This has been an argument that drew the attention of many over the past years. If they cannot be used for transactions, they are just as good as speculative investments.


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