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Welcome to Arpee Group

Building Excellence, Shaping Tomorrow

Construction has a transformative power that we believe in at Arpee Group. Every project we undertake is seen as an opening to the future with our commitment to excellence, innovation and client satisfaction. Our comprehensive range of services includes precision excavation, reinforced concrete construction or anything that you may need. The firm focuses on sustainability and takes a customer-centric approach in its construction projects hence making it your number one partner for durable solutions. You can check out our services, view our portfolio and join us in building something worthwhile for this community.

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    Study and Planning:
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    Mobilization of resources & Infrastructure:
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    Execution and Management:
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    Quality Assurance and Handover:
i. Understand the client’s and project’s needs and requirements.
ii. Optimize product offerings to provide a personalized experience to the client.
i. Study RCC and architectural drawing and provide input.
ii. Create a work breakdown structure and micro plan.
iii. Estimate resource requirement and consumption.
i. Find and analyze vendor viability to offset raw material requirements for the project factors such as proximity to project, cost, quality, and time efficiency.
ii. Establish sub-contractor relations and agreements.
iii. Develop Site infrastructure such as steel yard, labor camp, safety park, and engineering office.
i. Commence Construction with Strict adherence to the project timeline and micro plan.
ii. Work within quality and operational parameters outlined in the individual activity-related checklist.
iii. Work in compliance with ISO quality and safety norms
i. Conscious quality check after completion of each activity.
ii. Activity-wise inspection, rectification and handover as per micro plan.
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From Sketch to Life

What services does Arpee Group offer?

One-stop shop for all construction solutions. Omit the complexities of hiring and coordinating with various vendors. Service offerings range from excavation to lock and key projects.

How do we ensure timely project completion?

We create and follow a WBS and micro plan broken down to an activity level reviewed internally during our daily review meetings.

How do we ensure a quality product?

We monitor each activity on a minute level through comprehensive checklists at each level right from survey point marking to handover. This helps us with both, quality and timeline adherence.

Lastly, how do we ensure peace of mind to our clients?

In addition to the aforementioned practices, Arpee Group believes in complete transparency with our clients. We conduct weekly review meetings with client engineers and bi-weekly managerial review meetings to discuss timelines, efficiency, safety, and quality.

Our Esteemed Clientele